Beer at Wellington's Winter Ales Festival

In episode #29 of the New Zealand Brewer Podcast we travel down to Wellington for this year’s Winter Ales Festival

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to travel down to Wellington for this years Winter Ales Festival, an annual festival with the modest but noble goal of celebrating good beer. The event is sponsored by SOBA (Society of Beer Advocates) and is focused on showcasing new, limited and/or one-off releases to provide a mix of unique and interesting beers from around New Zealand. For this episode I thought it would be fun to bring along my microphone and chat with the many different brewers that attended the event.

In this episode I also share the recipe for my “Pain Free Sour Beer” which was requested by a listener.

We’ll also catch up on some beer news, another “what’s going on in the brewery” segment, a little homebrew Q & A, and we’ll crack into a few beers from Yeastie Boys, Fork Brewing, Brew Moon, Misfit Brewing, and Kainui Brew Co.

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