New Zealand Draught with Kelly Ryan

In episode #34 of the New Zealand Brewer Podcast we thought we’d take a crack at our first “Style Profile” episode! For this episode we’ll be taking a look at New Zealand Draught. Love it or hate it, NZ Draught is a truly unique style of beer that gets very little acknowledgement by the international beer community. This is something that we think is a shame. So we decided to help tell the story of the popular, though somewhat controversial beer style.

And to make things a bit more fun, we asked Kelly Ryan, from Fork Brewing to join us on the show again to give us some insight into the process of brewing NZ Draught (as he did for several years while brewing for DB).

In this episode Gary Henwood  also shares the recipe for his “Kainui Draught”; Kainui Brew Co’s take on the style.

We’ll also flip the table a bit and check in with Kelly for the always popular, “what’s going on in the brewery” segment, and then we’ll do a little homebrew Q & A in the third segment of the show.

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