three sisters brewery

In episode #35 of the New Zealand Brewer Podcast we are joined by Joe Emans Brewery from Taranaki.

Three Sisters Brewery is a husband-and-wife team (Joe and Sarah) from Taranaki, who brew boutique craft beer in their garage on a 300 Litre system. After winning the first Taranaki SOBA Homebrew Competition in 2015 with “Rain In The Face”, they began selling their beers commercially, and have since picked up medals for their “Hot Rod” and “Fuzzy Panda”.

Joe was also nice enough to share the recipe for their “Sup Bro” IPA, a delicious Sabro hop-based New England IPA.

In this episode we also crack into a few beers, catch up with Gary in the much loved “What’s Going On In The Brewery” segment, and do a little homebrew Q & A,

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