Below you will find a growing list of New Zealand Homebrew clubs, listed in alphabetical order by city.

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North Island

City/Town: Auckland, Mt Albert
Club Name: Auckland Guild of Winemakers & Brewers
About: The Auckland Guild of Winemakers and Brewers is a group of amateur home brewers and winemakers of all ages, who’s aim is to share knowledge and experiences on all aspects of home production and appreciation of wine and beers. We meet on a monthly basis in Mount Albert where we have a pre-arranged event or presentation, competition judging, a light supper and general socializing. Our members have a vast experience in homebrew techniques (mash brewing, kits, partial mashes etc), wine making (grape wines and fruit wines), spirit making, grains, hops etc, and are more than willing to share their knowledge. We welcome new members of all abilities, so if you are interested, please drop in and join us.
When and where: We meet on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm in the Mt Albert Senior Citizens Hall.

City/Town: Auckland
Club Name: Auckland Homebrew Club
About: Welcome to the Auckland Homebrew Club. A place where members can post, chat, meet new brewers and explore the amazing world of good beer. We will be holding quarterly competitions open to all BJCP styles, judged by the best of the best in order to give the most informative feedback to help you make the best beer possible. Thanks for joining and we hope this can be a fun place to learn and brew.
When and where: Contact for details.

City/Town: Auckland, North Shore
Club Name: The Cork Club
About: We are a club of enthusiastic amateur wine and beer makers based on the North Shore of Auckland. We are very social and compete with each other and others at club, regional and nationally to improve our craft.
When and where: Meetings vary – please contact Errol at for the latest schedule.

City/Town: Helensville
Club Name: River Valley Amateur Winemakers & Brewers Guild
About: We are host of the 2016 Northern Region Amateur Wine & Beer Competition. We also host an annual regional competition at the Helensville A&P and enthusiastically endeavour to make the best beer, wine, cider, liqueur and spirits we can. We have the best parties! Come join us to learn, socialise and compete at club, regional and national levels.
When and where: We meet on the third Tuesday of every month at the Helensville Fire Dept.

City/Town: Kerikeri/Waipapa
Club Name: Far North Homebrew Club
About: The Far North Homebrew Club was started by a few enthusiastic homebrewers in 2016. Our purpose is to share ideas and knowledge, thus improving the fun and success of each member’s brewing experience. Contact by email for more information.

City/Town: Manukau
Club Name: Manukau Winemakers, Brewers & Apiarists
About: Hosts of the 2017 NZ National Amateur Beer & Winemakers Competition. We are a very social and competitive club interested in a variety of brewing and associated activities.
When and where: We meet on the 2nd Monday of every month at 7:45pm at the Papatoetoe Masonic Lodge on the corner of Detro St & Coronation Rd in Papatoetoe

City/Town: Manukau
Club Name: Northern Region Amateur Winemakers & Brewers Assoc.
About: This is the regional group representing the five clubs currently affiliated. We oversee regional events and competitions from Hamilton north and are keen for others in this area to join us. We are part of the NZ National Federation. Regional competitions are held on ‘even’ years with National competitions on ‘odd’ years. The 2016 Regional Competition will be hosted by RIver VAlley Amateur Winemakers and Brewers GUild. The 2017 National Competition will also be hosted in this region by the Manukau Winemakers, Brewers & Apiarists Club
When and where: We officially only meet twice a year at an AGM and a national or regional competition. We also gather at various events such as A&P Competitions throughout the year.

City/Town: National
Club Name: New Zealand Amateur Winemakers and Brewers Federation
About: This is the national governing body for affiliated clubs. We encourage clubs to join us. We hold a national competition every second year – the next one is 2017 and will be hosted in Manukau. The two prior competitions were in Hastings and Dunedin. These competitions were a blast and a true showcase of New Zealand’s brewing skills.
When and where: Contact David Andrew at or Vic Bailey at or (06) 323 2373

City/Town: Palmerston North
Club Name: Palmerston North Home Brewers
About: Home brewers based in the Palmerston North/Manawatu area. Newish group of like minded people.
When and where: No real schedule for meetings.

City/Town: Whangarei
Club Name: Whangarei Amateur Winemakers & Brewers Club
About: The Whangarei club are a group of very experienced amateur wine, beer, liqueur & spirit makers. We have a lot of fun when we get together exchanging recipes, discussing methods and competing. We are one of the most successful competing clubs in the country. We’d love to have you join our club and learn about our passion while improving your skills and having fun!
When and where: Call Peter Neilson via email for details.

City/Town: Napier / Hastings / Hawkes Bay
Club Name: Hawke’s Bay Amateur Winemakers and Brewers Club
About: We are a friendly local club that offer guidance, support, encouragement and friendship to both Wine-makers and Brewers, as well as those simply interested in the appreciation of Wines, Beers and the like. We offer a FREE 3 month trial prior to Joining, with a very affordable annual membership fee. We frequently have excellent speakers from Breweries , Wineries and related Industries, Plus regular tastings and competitions.
When and where: 3rd Wednesday of most months, 7:30pm at 22 Lee Road, Taradale, Napier. Also Regular outings and visits to Wineries and Breweries etc…

South Island

City/Town: Christchurch
Club Name: Chch Homebrew Association
About: Official Homebrew club in Christchurch. All Welcome. We organise Monthly meets, tastings, competitions, and talks.
When and where: Various Places. Regular Monthly meets 1 Friday per month.

City/Town: Glenorchy Otago
Club Name: Glenorchy Homebrew Club
About: Anything that ferments and more, sharing brewing knowledge in the pursuit of better beer.
When and where: Third Wednesday of the month, 7pm.


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